You might be wondering why we call ourselves


Well that is simple. We use real fresh cut log’s for our targets. Not building materials that you can find at your local home improvement store.

What does that mean to you? Less dropped axes, more competitive, and a more exhilarating experience!

It’s hard to hold an axe without getting the urge to watch it spin through the air and sink its blade into wood. At Bullseye Axe Throwing, people can indulge in that instinct. Here, at a safe target range, visitors get in touch with their primitive selves, taking axe in hand and propelling it towards real tree stumps. Our crew of coaches and axe-aficionados are so dedicated to the sport that we’ve even put together an axe throwing league. Our leagues are a community of friends and competitors that meet to throw axes on a weekly basis.

Event Length

An event at Bullseye lasts between 2 to 2.5 hours depending on your group size. Groups sizes can vary between 6 to 100 people. The available times are in our booking calendar at the bottom of the page.


Events are hosted by our experienced coaches on private courts. A court consists of two targets for perfect head to head competition. Participants will begin by learning the art of axe throwing. Once everyone is consisting we then move into the round robin tournament.

Event Setup

Based on how a participant does in the round robin will dictate where the participant is seeded in the final portion of the event, the elimination round. In the elimination round participants will compete in head to head matches, with the winner moving on to the next round.

Game On!

The two finalists will then square off for axe throwing glory! The winner will walk away with a Bullseye Axe Throwing T-shirt to let everyone know who the winner is! We will have the group on their edge of their seat throughout the tournament!

We do have a full bar to serve you! As well, you can bring in your own food, or order in!

We also have soft drinks and other beverages on site. 


Pricing for an event is $39.82 per person. To confirm and secure your booking requires a $150 deposit for one court, $300 deposit if you are booking two courts, and $500 deposit if you’re booking three courts. This may be done using any major credit card through a secure hosted checkout.


When booking for a group, you always get at least one court consisting of two targets, and a dedicated coach.

Booking is done in advance as we typically need at least 48 hours notice for all bookings.

If you have any questions please refer to our Frequently asked questions page at FAQ’S

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The Stone Age is the period in human history that marks the advent of tool production. This period was called the stone age as most tools that were used during this time were formed out of stone. The axe is one of the oldest tools used by mankind. Axes in the stone age had no shaft, as it was difficult to make an axe head with a hole for the handle with a material like stone.

To train the soldiers, they would throw axes at targets. The ‘hits’ were measured by accuracy, consequently this training morphed into a competition, creating the sport of axe throwing. Much like what happens at Bullseye Axe Throwing on a daily basis.

With the advent of the Iron age the non-shaft-hole axes disappeared and were replaced by axes with a hole for a handle. Around this time the hand axe was used more as a tool due to the fact that it became very feasible to make more efficient hand-to-hand combat weapons, such as the sword. However, with these better manufacturing advancements, the throwing axe became popular for soldiers as it could be used from a distance.  The throwing axe was the weapon of choice during the medieval times by foot soldiers and occasionally knights. This is because it was cheap and simple to make. Higher ranked soldiers would have had swords or a more robust battle axe.

The throwing axe was launched at the enemy and could apply tremendous force if used properly. Not to mention it could be used from up to 40 feet away. During these times I know I’d like to keep some distance from some of these other soldiers! It would first be swung around over the head of the soldier to obtain speed and maximum penetration. The throwing axe required more expertise and accuracy than the Battle Axe.

If you were a soldier back in the medieval times, how well would you have thrown an axe? Why don’t you come down to Bullseye and find out!